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Effective ADHD Evaluations & Treatments

The Adult ADHD Clinic Of Central Massachusetts in Northborough, Massachusetts, is committed to helping you understand and manage your Attention Deficit Disorder. That is why the Clinic provides a range of ADHD evaluations and treatment methods.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Dr. Kevin Murphy is a clinical psychologist specializing in the assessment and treatment of adolescents and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder. He provides comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for adolescents and adults who suspect they may have ADHD using state-of-the-art assessment techniques. He also provides updated ADHD evaluations for those who were diagnosed previously and who may need current documentation to establish eligibility for academic or workplace accommodations.

Businesspeople - ADHD Evaluations - ADHD Treatments
Businesswoman - ADHD Evaluations - ADHD Treatments

Treatment Methods

Dr. Murphy’s treatment services may include the following:

• Individual Counseling
• Education about ADHD and How to Manage
  the Disorder More Effectively
• Couples and Family Counseling
• School and Workplace Advocacy
• Help Activate Patients to Do What They Need to Do
  to Manage and Cope with Their Symptoms Optimally
  and to Become Active Participants in Their Treatment
• Behavioral/Self-Management Skills Training

• A Detailed Feedback Session Explaining the Rationale
  for the ADHD Diagnosis and Any Other Diagnosis Given
• Assistance in Helping Patients Better Understand
  and Accept ADHD and to Better Manage the Daily
  Challenges It Presents
• Family Counseling around Readiness for College
  and Strategies for Succeeding in College with ADHD
• Medication Referrals and Coordination/Communication
  with Primary Care Physicians and Other Prescribers
  to Facilitate Timely and Appropriate Medication Trials



Some reimbursement may be available by some, but not all insurances. For further information, call (508) 393-8388.

Business Consultations

• Resolve Accommodations Disputes and Prevent
  Expensive Legal Conflicts
• Assist Organizations in Making Fair, Defensible Decisions
  on Difficult and Complex Disability Questions

• ADA Policy Reviews
• Case Consultations
• Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance
• Accommodations Request Management


Educational Services

• Provide School Lectures and Workshops
  on a Wide Range of ADHD Issues
• Provide Seminars to Professional Groups
  on Assessment and Treatment of ADHD
• Provide Training on Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  Disability Determination, Documentation Requirements,
  and Eligibility for Test or Workplace Accommodations


Expert Witness Services

• Provide Expert Witness Services Natonally to Help Resolve or Avoid Legal Disputes Involving ADHD



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